I’ve always been fascinated by animals.

But it was only on a trip to Africa in 2014 when I first used a DSLR camera. I realised if I had the right equipment and the right skills, photography would allow me to take wild animals home with me and to share their beauty with others.

Over time I have developed a particular interest in camera traps and remote photography. It allows me to step into the private world of wildlife and witness their behaviours from a special close-up perspective.

I enjoy uncovering the personalities of the wild animals I photograph, their eyes, faces and moods. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to big cats because of their expressive eyes.

I’m from Germany and work in Dubai where I live with my wife Catherine who shares my passion for wildlife. The proximity to India from Dubai has given me the privilege to focus on Indian wildlife.

This is where I spend most of my time…